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Global Solutions
Groot Systems teams up with some of the leading companies from around the world to provide technical planning, development and engineering for its solutions. Below is a list of some of our current offerings. Feel free to download our eBrochure.

Associates Groot & Associates - Oshakati, Oshana, Namibia
Groot & Associates works with small-to-mid-sized organizations to provide direction and guidance with strategic planning and development.
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Trotwood Tses Housing Development for the employees and staff of Groot Glass in Tses Village
Five new suburbs being developed in Tses Village of //Karas Region, with each suburb consisting of 326 single family housing units for a total of 1,630 houses for the employees and staff of Groot Glass, or anyone else who may need a house in Tses Village.
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Groot Glass Groot Glass - Tses, //Karas, Namibia
Groot Glass is focusing on the manufacturing of a wide range of glass for the construction, kitchenware, beverages, touch screen devices, automobiles, solar panels and other industrial applications.
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Groot Environmental Engineers Groot Environmental Engineers - Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia
Groot Environmental Engineers provides seamless and innovative environmental and geological solutions for any project, small or large, anywhere in Namibia.
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Groot Steel Groot Steel - Oshikango, Ohangwena, Namibia
Groot Steel is focusing on the manufacturing of a wide range of flat, short and long steel products for Namibia and SADC markets.
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Groot Research Groot Research - Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia
Groot Research provides decision critical quantitative market and business intelligence, data analysis, and customized investment analysis for mid-size to large institutions.
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Groot Sands Groot Sands - Oshikango, Ohangwena, Namibia
Groot Sands is focusing on the production of quality sands for the glass, frac, filtration, foundry, sports, ceramics, agrochemicals, oil and gas industries.
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Groot Biomethane Refinery Groot Biomethane Refinery - Oshikango, Ohangwena, Namibia
Groot Biomethane is poised to become of Southern Africa's largest biomethane refineries, to produce clean and most affordable electricity for the Groot manufacturing factories plus up to 1,000 homes in Oshikango.
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Groot Ceramics Groot Ceramics - Omunkete, Omusati, Namibia
Groot Ceramics is focusing on the manufacturing of premium ceramic and porcelain stoneware and floor tiles, sanitaryware, tableware and faucets for the walls, floors, bathrooms and kitchens of all types.
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Groot Properties Groot Properties - Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia
Groot Properties focuses on investing, developing, selling and managing valuable residential and commercial properties.
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Cascadia Consulting Engineers Cascadia Consulting Engineers - Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia
Cascadia Consulting Engineers provides multidisciplinary consulting engineering and project management for any size projects anywhere in Namibia.
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Groot Construction Groot Construction - Omaalala, Oshana, Namibia
Groot Construction focuses on contracting, civil engineering, procurement, construction, fabrication, and maintenance for the middle-to-large scale projects.
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Westerville Westerville - Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia
Westerville is an upmarket township being developed on a private land in Windhoek, with over 2,000 single residential homes as well as commercial properties and lightweight industries.
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Groot Supercentre Groot Supercentre - Oshakati, Oshana, Namibia
Groot Supercentre is focusing on being a full-service supermarket, discount, and grocery store in one, offering high quality products at lower prices and excellent customer service.
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Groot Square Groot Square - Oshakati, Namibia
Groot Square is offering a luxurious living from one-to-three bedroom apartments with a long list of superb amenities including large media room and our 24-hour fitness studio.
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Groot Chemicals Groot Chemicals - Opuwo, Kunene, Namibia
Groot Chemicals is developing the largest producer of a single-stream gas-to-Urea, Ammonia, and NPK fertilizers plant for the SADC market.
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Groot Power Plant Groot Power Plant - Opuwo, Kunene, Namibia
Groot Power Plant is developing a 900 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Power Plant, upgradable to over 1200 MW, to provide a more cost-effective electricity for the Groot industrial projects in Namibia.
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Groot Bricks Groot Bricks - Tses, //Karas, Namibia
Groot Bricks is focusing on the manufacturing and providing bricks and aggregate materials for the construction of the Groot Glass factories and anchor projects in Tses.
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Groot Bricks Groot Products - Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia
Groot Products is focusing on developing and manufacturing products of different types including family, personal and household care products.
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Zemuze Zemuze - Menlo Park, California, USA
Zemuze focuses on offering more efficiently connections for fun, work, and more for anyone, while offering the most effective marketing solutions for almost anything, anywhere.
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Groot Groot Systems is a diversified conglomerate based in Oshakati, Namibia.
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