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Global Projects
Groot Group has teamed up with some of the world's leading engineering companies, such as Spain-based Grupo Mara and India-based Tata Consulting Engineers, for the technical planning, development, and civil engineering, structural, mechanical and electrical for some of the world's largest industrial and infrastructure projects in Namibia and beyond.

In Development

Tses Glass Tses Glass - Tses, Namibia
Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd is a Namibia-based startup company involved in an integrated glass manufacturing whose aim is to become the largest dynamic glass manufacturing plant in the world. Tses Glass plans to focus on the manufacturing of a wide range of flat glass, container glass, fiber glass, and ultrathin glass for the construction of residential and commercial buildings as well as for industrial, kitchenware, bottles, touch screen computing and smart phones devices for the markets around the world.
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Groot Steel Groot Steel - Oshikango, Namibia
Groot Steel (Pty) Ltd is being developed in Usakos, Namibia. The Groot Steel Minimill, a 100% DRI-based melt shop with a gross capacity of 750kMPTA of rebars and billets is being developed in Oshikango, Namibia and is scheduled for the groundbreaking in 2017. Other different iron ore-based melt shops in a range of 0.7 - 3.5MTPA capacity, to focus on producing a varied of steel products such as HRC, CRC, Stainless Steel, etc., are planned for the development upon the commissioning of the Minimill in Oshikango, Namibia.
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Groot Chemicals Groot Chemicals - Odibo, Namibia
Groot Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is being developed as Africa's largest producer of a single-stream gas-to-Urea, Ammonia, and NPK fertilizers plant in Odibo, Namibia.
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Groot Power Groot Power Plant - Luderitz, Namibia
Groot Power Plant (Pty) Ltd is developing Groot Power Plant - a 900 MW Combined Cycle Turbine Gas Power Plant (CCGT), upgradable to 4000 MW, being developed to become the ultimate supplier of cleaner, safer, reliable and more cost-effective electricity for the distribution to the entire urban and rural areas in Namibia.
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Groot Westerville, Windhoek, Namibia
Westerville is an upmarket township being developed on a private land in Windhoek. Westerville will feature high pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, open-air gathering spaces, fountains, children's parks, theme parks, and more than 2,100 best-in-class retails from around the world, entertainment, medical facilities, educational institutions, luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants, office spaces and residential properties.
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Groot Bricks Groot Bricks - Tses, Namibia
Groot Bricks (Pty) Ltd, a Namibia-registered company, has been specifically formed to exclusively manufacture and provide bricks and concrete materials for the construction of the Tses Glass factories and anchor projects in Tses, ranging from upstream to downstream infrastructure projects including residential and commercial properties in the Tses area.
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Sitentu Foods Groot Foods - Namibia
Groot Foods (Pty) Ltd is a Namibia-based startup company which is focusing on developing six mega food processing facilities in six different locations in Nkurenkuru (Kavango West), Oikokola (Omusati), Witvlei (Omaheke), Katima Mulilo (Zambezi), and Omutwewonime (Oshikoto) in Northern and North-Eastern Namibia. Sitentu Food Processing Plants are being developed to include; managing, packaging, and distribution of different meat products such as beef, game, chicken, sheep, goat and any meat with value-added for retail and wholesale (food services) products such as chicken, polony, bacon, smoked chicken, sausages, loafs, burger patties etc., as well as agricultural produce, chilled, and frozen food products.
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Groot Groot Systems is a world-leader in advanced industrial ecosystems development.
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