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Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd and Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd to Setup a Brick Factory in Outjo, Namibia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- WINDHOEK, Namibia, October 15, 2011 (Groot Property Group) --

WINDHOEK, Namibia -- October 15, 2011 -- Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd is developing a rapid industrial ecosystem in Namibia with more than 60 different projects which includes Groot Town Center, 900 MW Gas-fired Power Plant, Steel Mill Plant, Wire and Cable Plant, Engineering College, Medical Center, and more related industrial projects that would enable a creation of more than 500,000 direct and indirect better paying and sustainable job opportunities in Namibia within 3 years.

A group of about 25 people from an informal township of Hakahana in Windhoek have gotten together and formed Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd to partner with Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd for the setting up of Hakahana Bricks, a manufacturer of bricks, pavers, retaining walls, building materials, facade systems and stones for landscaping.

The partnership composition is for Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd to provide the needed resources including the land and equipment for the brick making at approximately US$15 million (N$120 million) value of input resources, while Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd to provide the labor as needed for making the bricks. All the bricks and materials made from this factory will give Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd the first priority to buy them at a minimal price for the use of its construction activities, and the surplus bricks and materials would be made available to Groot Property Group's anchor partners at the market prevailing price.

"This is actually a good arrangement. Groot Property Group is working with us, mentoring us, guiding us and providing us with their professionalism in business planning and development, management and corporate control. In addition, Hakahana Bricks will provide us with much needed job opportunities for us to earn income to support our families and our community. We are more than excited for this opportunity". Says Hendrina Mumbela, Director of Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd.

Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd is also looking to work with The Development Bank of Namibia and Namibia's Ministry of Trade and Industry for additional funds to help finance the start-up expenses and operations of the company. Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd also seeks to work with Ohorongo Cement for the supply of the cement and related materials for the making of bricks. Hakahana Bricks expects to employ more than 2,500 people as brick-makers, truck drivers and heavy machine operators for the manufacturing of bricks, marble stones, and other construction materials.

"I've been working with the Hakahana community through the Hakahana Christian Ministries since around April this year. I've been providing them with free workshops and seminars focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation, product development, and leadership, and this community took it up themselves and decided that they wanted to do something for themselves, and that's what they are doing. I'm excited to have them. They are an awesome group of people and I look forward to working with them. I hope more and more communities in Namibia join to work with us as the people of Hakahana have done". Says Simon Kapenda, VP Development Operations of Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd.

The group has elected 5 members of their group to serve as the Directors of their company, while the rest will simply remain as shareholding employees. Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd is also looking to recruit and enlist the help of experienced management for the continued operation of the Company.

The development of the Groot ecosystem in Namibia is a win-win situation for the local Namibians, the Namibian government, and the foreign partners and investors. Local Namibians gain from the knowledge and technology transfer as well as a massive pool of sustainable good paying job opportunities. While foreign investors in Namibia have access to plenty of raw materials, high productive human capital, peaceful working environment, stable government with institutions conducive to good business. Yes, Namibia, a country of plenty is open for business!

About Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd
Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd is a Namibia-based premier rapid industrial development and foreign direct investment management company which focuses on implementing applied neuroeconomics and systems dynamic to efficiently explore, develop, and manage self-sustained ecosystems for the slow-developing and stagnant economies. Learn more about the Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd at

About Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd
Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd is poised to develop and operate Hakahana Bricks as a premier manufacturer of bricks, pavers, retaining walls, building materials, facade systems and stones for landscaping. Learn more about Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd at www.hakahana.

Source: Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd.

Hendrina Mumbela, Director
Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd
Hakahana, Windhoek

Simon Kapenda, VP Development Operations
Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd.
Windhoek, Namibia


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