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Groot Products and Services are working to foster the most efficient and long lasting socioeconomic effects that fast track the well-being of the people's needs and enable them to realize their naturally-given potentials in today's ever changing global marketplace.

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Groot is working with some of the world's largest and respected companies from around the world to deliver some of the world's largest and most impressive projects, such as Tses Glass, Groot Steel, Groot Silica, Groot Power Plant and Groot Foods in Namibia.

Groot is sufficiently equipped and ready to effectively help you realize your objectives and efficiently solve the challenges that hinder your organization to achieve its vision, anywhere, anytime, contact us today.

Groot Groot is an investment conglomerate holding company based in Ongwediva, Namibia.
(Co.Reg.No.: 2010/0669), (VAT Reg.: #5303 362-015), (VAT Import Reg.: #5303 362-016).
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