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Investor Relations

Passion, determination, integrity and purpose. These are the primary ingredients to Groot's success.

Since 2010, Groot has been focusing on developing world-class solutions and large capital projects in different industries in Namibia. At Groot, we approach every project the same - develop it to benefit the community, build it safely, deliver it on time, stay within the budget and with no surprises.

Groot Systems is a diversified conglomerate involved in manufacturing, trading, and investments with emphasis interests in glass, steel, food, real estate, chemicals, minerals, technology, construction, entertainment and sports, fashion, hospitality and finance in Southern Africa and beyond.

Business Description
Groot Systems applies industry proven applied neuroeconomics and system dynamics solutions to efficiently explore, develop, and manage self-sustained ecosystems for the slow-developing and stagnant economies.

Business Units
Groot Systems' core strategy is to explore, develop, and manage industrial ecosystems as specifically designed to help improve and fast track the reduction of poverty and unemployment; the reduction of income inequalities and the like; the boosting of economic outputs; the improvement of the living standards of the people; and the strengthening of the performance and growth of nations' economies.

This paradigm is poised to help improve the well-being of the communities while generating value of our shareholders, expands profitability, and promotes rapid growth and industry leadership.

Growth Strategy
Groot Systems' tradition is rooted in the principles to provide unique approach to any development, serve all our customers with ultimate speed, integrity and respect, and help make a difference in the lives of the people in the market we serve, anywhere.

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Investor Relations
Groot Systems (Pty) Ltd

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Groot Groot Systems develops advanced industrial ecosystems to improve communities.
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