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Groot Glass: Memorandum

Project: Groot Glass Manufacturing Factories
Location: Tses, //Karas Region, Namibia
EPCM: Heye International (Germany) for the 250tpd Groot Container Glass and ghs part of Sorg (Germany) for the 600tpd Groot Float Glass factories
Contractors: Techmash and Specstrojmontazh (Ukraine)
Equipment: Heye, Sorg, Horn, MSK, Grenzebach, Zippe, Siemens, and more (Europeans).
Budget: US$750 million (N$10.25 billion)
Project Valuation: US$20 billion (N$254.2 billion)
Factory Jobs: 7,000 direct jobs and 35,000+ indirect jobs.
Construction Jobs: 665
Construction: Starting July 2018
Commissioning: 2020
Project Management: Groot Systems
Project Conception: Simon Kapenda
CEO: Sunil Malik


Groot Glass (Pty) Ltd (previously known as "Tses Glass") seeks to become the world’s largest vertically integrated glass manufacturing hub for the float, container, tableware, ultrathin, and fibre glass products.

The vision for Groot Glass is to focus on the manufacturing of a wide range of world’s quality float glass, container glass, tableware glass, fiber glass, and ultrathin glass products for the construction of residential and commercial buildings as well as for industrial, kitchenware, bottles, touch screen computing and smart phones devices for the markets around the world.

Leadership and Suppliers

At Groot Glass, we have assembled the world's best technical, technology and engineering companies from Germany, Italy, Ukraine, USA and China such as Heye International, MSK, Sorg, Horn, Zippe, Grenzebach, Siemens, Specstrojmontazh-Ukraina, Waltec, CTIEC and others for the supplying of equipment, technology, and engineering and construction of the Groot Glass Manufacturing Factories in Tses.

We have also assembled the world's best team of executive professionals mostly from India led by Mr. Sunil Malik, an industry veteran with over 31 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, glass container and float glass industry, PET bottles industry, rubber, aluminium, steel and pipes industries.

Our aim at Groot Glass is to produce and market the world's best glass products for the local and regional markets.


  • 57.5% owned by Groot Management Systems (Pty) Ltd.
  • 32.5% owned by the Government of the Republic of Namibia.
  • 10% owned by individual shareholders.


Groot Glass plans to produce and market the following glass products:

  • Container glass for the bottles
  • Float glass for the residential homes, commercial buildings and vehicles.
  • Tableware for the kitchen ware.
  • Fibreglass for the heavy-duty industry.
  • Ultrathin glass for the mobile and cellphone devices.


Groot Glass is starting out initially with the construction and commissioning of two different glass manufacturing factories; Groot Container Glass and Groot Float Glass Factories.

Groot Container Glass is installing a technology with the capacity of producing 250 metric tons per day of glass with two furnaces, five production lines and equipment designed to produce glass containers from 88ml to 1,000ml, in different sizes and in flint and colored glass bottles for the beverage and food industry, soft drinks and juices as well as for the pharmaceutical industry, in order to best serve our local and regional markets of SADC.

Groot Float Glass is installing a 600 metric tons per day of float glass for the residential and construction buildings as well as for the automobile industry.


Currently, only a few countries in Southern Africa are involved in glass manufacturing, and Groot Glass expects to produce quality glass products for the local market in Namibia as well as for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) markets.

Groot Glass Valuation: US$20 Billion

This valuation is based on the capital financing of US$750 million (N$10.25 billion) in project financing for the construction of two different glass factories and their required infrastructure for the container and float glass manufacturing factories in Tses.

We have authorized 2 billion ordinary shares for Groot Glass, now we take that 2 billion ordinary shares and divide them into US$20 billion valuation, gives us US$10 as the average price per share, which is about N$134.65 per share.

This means that the current average price per share for Groot Glass could be about N$134.65, but for the Groot Glass Private Placement, it is N$5 per share, which is a 98% discount.

For a minimum of 200 shares at N$134.65 comes to N$26,930.00.

That means, your 200 shares in Groot Glass could be actually valued at N$26,930.00 if the price per share was N$134.65.

The above is an estimate.

The above calculation is just an estimate, the real numbers will actually be different as they will be based on the market and the condition of the targeted economies.

Do your own independent calculation, as when coming to stocks, there is no guarantee whether the stock price will actually go up or down. It is all a guess game when coming to securities: stocks performance.


Groot Glass seeks to be part of the community it plans to operate, by providing finance and resources for the area communities when it can in order to help contribute to the social wellbeing of area communities.

Groot Glass Private Placement Offering

Do the best thing and participate in the Groot Glass Private Placement Offering for you to take and own shares of Groot Glass.


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