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Groot Industrial Ecosystem

An industrial ecosystem is an economic community supported by a foundation of interesting organizations and individuals - the organisms of the business world.

The economic community produces goods and services of value to customers, who are themselves members of the ecosystem. The member organisms also include suppliers, lead producers, competitors, and other stakeholders.

Over time, they co-evolve their capabilities and roles, and tend to align themselves with the directions set by one or more central companies.

Those companies holding leadership roles may change over time, but the function of the ecosystem leader is valued by the community because it enables members to move toward shared visions to align their investments, and to find mutually supportive roles.

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Making a Difference
Groot Suisse has partnered with different local entrepreneurs and public institutions, as well as some of the world's largest international companies for the development of the Groot Industrial Ecosystem which is composed of different industrial projects currently under way which includes; a 10.3 million metric ton per year steel mill (Groot Steel in Oshikango, Namibia) and the world's largest dynamic glass manufacturing plant (Groot Glass in Tses, Namibia).

The development of these industrial projects is creating thousands of new and indirect better paying job opportunities throughout Namibia. This paradigm is poised to help improve the well-being of people while generating values for our shareholders and partners, increasing profitability, and promoting rapid growth and development.

Added to this is a more fundamental socio-economic impulse which will bring about the spread of integrated and balanced development across geographical spaces. This will be demonstrably expressed in the linkages of urban and rural economies with mutuality of benefits to be derived from equitable growth and development.

The Groot Industrial Ecosystem is a focal point for agglomeration and localization economies with a potential to create other infrastructure for the selfsame.

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