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The story of Groot Suisse Ltd., (formerly known as "Groot Management Systems (Pty) Ltd.") is rooted in the principles of passion, integrity and purpose. The purpose to help solve economic challenges others tend to ignore.

Based in Oshakati, Namibia, Groot Suisse is a diverse assets and investment holding company involved in manufacturing, trading, and investments with emphasis interests in glass, steel, food, real estate, chemicals, minerals, technology, construction, entertainment and sports, fashion, hospitality, agribusiness, and finance in emerging and frontier markets, especially in the SADC area.

"Groot" is derived from the Afrikaans word "groot" which means "big" in English. No any other words are better suited at best defining our passion, our commitment, and our endurance for fulfilling our bigger purpose than the word "Groot".

Groot Suisse was conceived to serve as a world-class infrastructure development company focusing on implementing applied neuroeconomics and systems dynamic to efficiently explore, develop, and manage self-sustained advanced industrial ecosystems for the slow-developing and stagnant economies in the world.

Founded by Simon Kapenda in Columbus, Ohio USA in January 2010 as Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd (Co.Reg.No.: 2010/0669), the company is a Namibia VAT registered company (VAT Reg. #5303 362-015), incorporated and registered on October 29, 2010 under the laws of the Republic of Namibia's Company Act, 1973, as amended.

In October 2019, New York based Pine Suisse Inc. acquired 70% of Groot Management Systems (Pty) Ltd., and as a result, the company changed its name to Groot Suisse Ltd. Namibia based Groot Corporation Ltd. has taken and retains the other 30% of Groot Suisse Ltd. Groot Corporation is owned by Namibians.

Groot Suisse's services include developing, engineering and managing capital and infrastructure projects in Southern Africa, enabling it to offer a high return on investment, create employment and help boost economic growth.

Limitless Made Possible.

To solve economic challenges others tend to ignore.

We hope to realize our mission by applying our proprietary-cum-industry-proven applied neuroeconomics and systems dynamic solutions specifically designed to efficiently explore, develop, and manage self-sustained industrial ecosystems for the slow-developing and stagnant economies in the world.

Our core motivation is rooted in the principle of providing a unique approach to development, serving all our customers with ultimate efficacy, integrity and respect, and helping to make a difference in the lives of the people in the market we serve, while creating values for our shareholders, expanding profitability, and promoting rapid growth and industry leadership.

To create long lasting economic impacts that equally benefit our communities while creating superior value for our customers, shareholders, and partners.

To develop and manage advanced industrial ecosystems and systems dynamic solutions that improve economies.

The Company's prime focus is to explore, develop, and manage world-class multifarious industrial ecosystems specifically designed to help improve and fast-track the reduction of poverty and unemployment, address income inequalities, increase economic outputs, improve the quality of life, and strengthen the performance, growth and development of national economies.

Groot Suisse Ltd is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Hence employment decisions at Groot Suisse and its subsidiaries are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.

We are sufficiently equipped and ready to effectively help you realize your objectives and efficiently solve the challenges that hinder your organization to achieve its vision, anywhere, anytime, contact us today.

We're currently hiring, for more information, visit our career opportunity sections at Groot Careers.

Groot Suisse is an Oshakati, Namibia based company with its executive office in New York City, Los Angeles, California USA and satellite offices in Dubai, Frankfurt, Zurich and Shanghai.

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Groot Groot Suisse is a diverse assest and investment holding company based in Oshakati, Namibia.
(Co.Reg.No.: 2010/0669) (VAT Reg.: #5303 362-015)
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