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Groot Biomethane Refinery

Project: Groot Biomethane Refinery
Location: Eeshoke Village, Oshikango, Ohangwena Region, Namibia
Client: Groot Energy (Pty) Ltd
Capacity: 15+ MW
EPC: Italians
Contractors: Groot Construction (Namibia)
Project Consultant: South African
Equipment: German
Budget: USD $15 million
Production Jobs: 150+ direct jobs.
Construction Jobs: 200+
Construction: Starting February 2021
Commissioning: October 2021

Groot Energy seeks to develop renewable energy projects to generate clean and affordable electricity to power the Groot projects and certain residential homes in Southern Africa.

To develop affordable renewable energy to power people.

Groot Energy seeks to develop Southern Africa's largest biomethane refinery, to produce clean and most affordable electricity for the Groot manufacturing factories plus about a number of residential homes in Oshikango.

The Groot Biomethane Refinery will be equipped with four digesters of 4,900 cubic meters, six digestate storage units of 5,000 cubic meters and a liquid reservoir. The plant will produce 1,650 standard cubic meters of raw biogas per hour. Approximately 250 cubic meters of this raw materials will be used for the heat needs of the plant.

By means of chemical amine treatment, the gas will be converted into about 700 standard cubic meters of processed biomethane per hour, with a methane content of 99 percent – enough to supply the Groot factories in Eeshoke Village of Oshikango plus about 1,000 homes with power and heat. In total, the substrates to be delivered by local farmers amount to more than 70,000 metric tons per year.

Established in 2018, Groot Energy (Pty) Ltd is a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of Groot Suisse Ltd. (formerly known as "Groot Management Systems (Pty) Ltd.") based in Oshakati, Namibia. Groot Biopower (Pty) Ltd has been formed as Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) between Groot Energy and its equity partners for the operation of the Groot Biomethane Refinery.

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality
Environmental management forms an integral part of all the metal processing related activities of Groot Energy. As such, Groot Energy has commissioned to complete the submission of its Environmental Impact Assessment Report to the for the compliance as per The Environmental Management Act of 2007 of The Ministry of Environment and Tourism of the Republic of Namibia.

Groot Energy seeks to be part of the community where it plans to operate, by providing finance and resources for the area communities, when possible, in order to help contribute to the social wellbeing of the area communities.

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Groot Energy (Pty) Ltd
Eeshoke Village
Oshikango, Ohangwena

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