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What is New?

Groot Glass Appoints Local Engineers for the Local Supplies and Civil Work - July 5, 2018
Groot Glass has appointed Windhoek, Namibia-based Element Consulting Engineers as the local consulting engineering firm to handle everything needed locally for the civil work and construction of the Groot Glass factories in Tses Village of //Karas Region.

Groot Systems Launches Groot & Associates, a Management Consulting Solution, for Small-to-Mid-Size Businesses in Southern Africa - July 2, 2018
Groot & Associates is to become one of the world’s top business consulting firms to help local and regional leaders with their organization's most critical issues and opportunities.

Groot Glass Secures USD $525 Million in Debt Financing - June 12, 2018
Groot Glass is focusing on the manufacturing of a wide range of glass for the construction, kitchenware, beverages, touch screen devices, automobiles, solar panels and other industrial applications.

Groot Steel Appoints Vikash Verma as Chief Executive Officer and Paulus N. Uusiku as Vice President of Operations - June 7, 2018
Groot Steel seeks to become the largest vertically integrated manufacturing hub for a wide range of flat, short and long steel products in Southern Africa.

Groot Sands Appoints Its Technical Team for the Groot Silica Sand Processing Factories in Oshikango - June 6, 2018
Groot Sands has been formed to exclusively supply quality silica sand products to the Groot Glass Manufacturing Factories in Tses Village of //Karas Region.

A New Headquarter Office Building for Groot Systems in Oshakati - May 30, 2018
We are happy to unveil the final rendering design for our new headquarter offices which we are building in Oshakati, Namibia.

Groot Glass secures funding, becomes the largest privately funded capital project in Southern Africa
Groot Glass is focusing on the manufacturing of a wide range of glass for the construction, kitchenware, beverages, touch screen devices, automobiles, solar panels and other industrial applications.

Groot Associates works with small-to-mid-sized organizations to provide direction and guidance with strategic planning and development.
Solutions for small-to-large businesses including branding, marketing, organization, operations, information technology, digital transformation and strategy, advanced analytics, transformations, sustainability, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions, across all industries in Southern Africa.


Groot Construction Teams Up with European General Contractors for the Construction of Groot Glass in Tses.
Groot Construction focuses on contracting, civil engineering, procurement, construction, fabrication, and maintenance for the middle-to-large scale projects.

Westerville, an Upmarket Smart Township Development in Windhoek
Westerville Township Development, just about 27km West of Windhoek CBD, is set capturing a redefinition of modern living within the Municipality of the City of Windhoek.

Groot Supercentre Opening in Oshakati
Groot Supercentre, a one-stop mega shopping arcade for virtually everything at lower prices is opening in Oshakati, Namibia.

Trotwood Housing Development for Low-to-Middle Income Families in Nkurenkuru
Trotwood is a new suburb being developed at Okahenge Extension 1 of Nkurenkuru Town in Kavango West.

Groot Square, Coming to Groot Supercentre in Oshakati
Groot Square, a multi-unit apartment complex consisting of 355 apartment units, composed of one-to-three bedrooms with fine finishes and great amenities, swimming pools, a state-of-the-art gym, an iMAX size movie theater and more, opening in Oshakati in 2020.

"Tses Glass" is now "Groot Glass"
We are changing the name "Tses Glass" to "Groot Glass", only the name of the project (company) is changing, but our location (Tses, //Karas), our technical team, and technical partners in Africa, Europe and Asia remain the same.

Biodiversity Study for Oshikango
We are very proud to share with you a copy of our Biodiversity Study, which is a supplementary report to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Report for the development of the Groot Silica Processing and Groot Steel Manufacturing Factories in Oshikango. This document is just a supplementary report for the complete EIA Report which we will share with you soon. To view and download this document, please see: Biodiversity Study for Oshikango.

Advanced Industrial Ecosystems Development
We are developing our largest industrial projects in Namibia, billed as the Groot Advanced Industrial Ecosystem, which are; Groot Glass (Tses), Groot Steel (Oshikango), Groot Sands (Oshikango), and Groot Chemicals (Opuwo), and Groot Ceramics (Omunkete).

Groot Groot is an investment conglomerate holding company based in Oshakati, Namibia.
(Co.Reg.No.: 2010/0669), (VAT Reg.: #5303 362-015), (VAT Import Reg.: #5303 362-016).
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